Musical Beginnings: 6-24-months


  • Researchers agree: It's never too EARLY to begin music classes. Baldwin  Music Education Center is proud to offer specially designed music  classes for 6-month-olds to 24-month-olds. These classes are designed to  expose children to music while facilitating interaction between the  child and the parent/caregiver. The children are introduced to different  kinds of music and the interaction is supported with singing, the use  of rhythm instruments and movement. Parents and caregivers learn the  fundamentals of how to involve their child with music at home.  Classes  for 6-24-month-olds meet once a week with a caregiver. 

Music for Little People: Ages 2&3


  • Music For Little People is designed for 2- to 4-year-olds. Each class is  divided by age and the material presented appropriate to each level.  For most of the 55-minute class, the students are away from the pianos,  participating in singing, movement and rhythmic activities. We do take  the students to pianos and they develop musical concepts through the  keyboard, like "high and low," "loud and quiet" and "fast and slow."  Classes end with the making of a take-home reminder of the class content  and a parent time. As the students progress through the 2-, 3- and  4-year-old classes, musical concepts such as note values and keyboard  topography are also introduced.  Music for Little People meet once a  week without a caregiver.  Caregivers come back into class the last 5  minutes for a class wrap-up and good-bye time.  

4's Encounters: Age 4


  • The 4's Encounters is a  little more involved than the other preschool music classes, although we  still do singing, movement to music, seasonal activities and a craft.  In addition to those activities,  the students have an "encounter" in  piano, voice and a 3rd area - either violin, guitar, percussion or  composition. (we do Orchestra Encounter in the Winter and Traveling  Around the World in the summer). They learn the note values, the musical  alphabet and CDE on the piano. A specialist comes in for violin, guitar  and percussion.  

Keyboard Encounters: Ages 5&6


  • Developed with the young learner in mind, this program introduces 5- and  6-year-olds not going into 1st grade to the piano through specially  designed, age-appropriate curriculum materials. The students are still  developing musical skills through singing, movement and rhythm  activities, but also are working on learning the piano and reading  music. Each student has both a lesson book and a take-home activity  book. Regular assignments are made weekly and students' progress is  monitored by parents and staff to ensure the best possible outcome.   Keyboard Encounters students meet once a week without a caregiver.    Caregivers come back into class the last 5 minutes of class for wrap-up,  assignments and good-bye time. 

Piano Experiences: Ages 7 on up


  • Piano Experiences is a group piano class program for 1st Grade through High  School, offering students not only the opportunity to learn to play the  piano, but to have fun with friends while they learn. The class is  designed for students to learn to play the piano. But not only do  students learn how to play the piano, they are introduced each week to  other musical activities and concepts including: rhythm, movement,  composition, ensemble playing, technique, theory, ear training, music  history and musical games. Each group class is formed with students of  the same age and level of ability. BMEC is proud to offer one of the  only group piano programs in the Greater Cincinnati area, taught by a  piano pedagogy graduate and group piano trained instructor. Placement  auditions are available for current classes.   
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