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Spring 2017 Term

Musical Beginnings Classes are attended with a caregiver and are 30 minutes long.
2's, 3's and 4's, are attended without a caregiver and are 55 minutes long.

Classes meet 1 time per week.

15-Week Term

CALENDAR – Ages 6-months to 10-years
Begins: February 6
Spring Break:  March 26 - April 2
Ends:  May 27

Registration Deadline:   January 28
Confirmations and Final Information will not be sent until after January 28

TUITION - Includes Class Instruction and All Materials
Musical Beginnings (ages 6-24-months):  $104
Music for Little People (ages 2 & 3): $208       
4’s Encounters (age 4):  $234                         
New Keyboard Encounters* (ages 5 & 6): $260
New Piano Experiences* (ages 7 to 10): $338

10% off of total tuition!


Musical Beginnings: Baby Combo classes (ages 6-24-months)
MN 9:30
MN 11
TU 9:30
WD 11:30
TH 9:30
FR 9:30
FR 12:30
ST 9

**Enrolled students in the Musical Beginnings Classes (ages 6-24 months) will be able to come to any open section of Musical Beginnings classes during the week.

Music for Little People - 2’s - Age 2
MN 10
TU 10
WD 9:30
TH 10
FR 11
FR 1
ST 9:30
Music for Little People - 3’s - Age 3
MN 11:30
TU 12:30
WD 12:30
TH 11
FR 10
FR 2
ST 10:30

4’s Encounters - Age 4
MN 12:30
TU 1:30
WD 10:30
TH 12:30
FR 3
ST 11:30

New Keyboard Encounters* - Ages 5 & 6
MN 1:30
FR 5

New Piano Experiences* - Ages 7-10 (for students with little or no piano experience)
FR 6

***Students with experience/transfer students accepted, please contact the office to schedule a placement meeting.

We do not give credits for missed classes. If a student misses a class, there are no rescheduled classes or refunds or credits. No refunds are given. Once the term begins, tuition is due in full. Once a student is confirmed in the class payment is due. By enrolling in the BMEC/MLC program, you waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages you or your child may have against BMEC/MLC, its employees or representatives for any and all injuries suffered by you or your child in any activity sponsored by BMEC/MLC. And, you understand that photographs and/or videotapes of your or your family may be used for promotional and educational purposes by BMEC/MLC without compensation. In the event of class cancellation by BMEC/MLC, every effort will be made to reschedule the class. No cash refunds will be given.

Don't see a class that fits your schedule?  Let us know and we'll try to accommodate your request! - Call the Office!  351-1109 or Send An Email


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